Marvel Legends Reveals Apocalypse Figure on Toy Biz Retro-Style Card

Marvel Legends Reveals Apocalypse Figure on Toy Biz Retro-Style Card

For fans of 90s toys and comics, Toy Biz’s x-men the action figure line and its various spinoffs were a godsend. Bringing a huge range of characters to the plastic that had never seen a toy before, and including a playable action feature on most, it was many children’s introduction to characters like Deadpool and Apocalypse before the series animated only makes them even more ubiquitous. Toy Biz Marvel Figures Finally Appeared Marvel Legendsa line Hasbro would take over with great success. Now, in the latest acknowledgment of the line’s roots, Hasbro is announcing an Apocalypse figure on a Toy Biz-style card, but updated with modern sculpting and articulation.

Featuring a retro color scheme, it doesn’t quite replicate the “growing” action feature of the Toy Biz original. However, he has an enlarged scale body and buildable figure. And he even has some kind of “action feature” – switch his hand for a triple blaster with detachable fire effects. Plus two heads, with open or closed mouth.

The extra size of the mutant villain means an extra price. Get it at most online retailers for $38.99. As always, we recommend our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth, but most similar outlets will also have it on pre-order. (Superhero Hype earns fees on purchases made through Entertainment Earth links.) Expect En Sabah Nur to arrive in September.

Will you inaugurate the Apocalypse at home? Let us know in the comments.

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