Man locks himself in bathroom to call 911 after girlfriend ‘grabbed’ him in bedroom, scratching face – Scoop: Nashville


Jennifer Johnson, 39, was waiting outside when police arrived to take her into custody for domestic assault on Tuesday night. She and her boyfriend were struggling next to the bed when she scratched his face and he locked himself in the bathroom where he called the police for help to prevent further assaults .

Police arrived at the couple’s apartment in Bellevue just before midnight on Tuesday, after Michael Therefore called the police while he was locked behind two bathroom doors, asking for help while his girlfriend was trying to assault him. An arrest warrant alleges the two were in a verbal argument which turned physical and resulted in the couple struggling next to the bed in their bedroom. Both had been drinking, although officers noted that she was much more drunk than she appeared to be.

Jennifer Johnson (MNPD)
Jennifer Johnson (MNPD)

Michael says the grappling hook was just him trying to stop her from assaulting her, but at one point she scratched his face. He was then able to pull himself out of the situation and fled into a bathroom, where he locked both doors, although she continued knocking on doors, demanding to be let in. It was then that he called the police for help.

Police arrived to find Jennifer Johnson waiting outside the apartment and was arrested for any incident. Officers observed the scratch on Therefore’s face, however, Jennifer said no physical altercation had taken place. Mr. Donc has said he will not participate in the prosecution. Due to the state’s domestic violence laws when it came to an injury, officers sued on her behalf. Jennifer Johnson was transported to Metro Nashville jail, where she was charged with assault. She is free on a $ 1,000 cash deposit.

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