Kevin the carrot at Aldi: Thousands line the website for a toy

Aldi has issued a warning after thousands of Kevin the carrot fans flocked to the Aldi website to buy the new range of toys on sale this morning. Aldi’s website struggled with the numbers as more than 70,000 Kevin fans were left in a virtual queue.

It’s Kevin the Carrot and his family’s seventh year at the store, and every year customers are desperate to get their hands on the new toys. People have taken to Twitter to share their frustration with the wait time in line, comparing it to getting tickets to the Glastonbury Festival.

Aldi released a statement on its website this morning which read the following:

“We are very sorry, but there are currently many people trying to access the Aldi website. We’ve placed you in a queue.

When we checked the website at 7:44am we had 12,229 people ahead of us and an estimated wait time of 50 minutes. Kevin and his family’s plush toys have sold out every year and it’s often a battle for buyers to get their hands on them.

This year, a range of adorable Kevin the carrot toy bundles and adorable Christmas tree decorations are up for grabs. Shoppers will be able to get their hands on the latest squishy set from the Carrot family, including Katie Carrot and the kids Baby, Chantenay and Jasper for just £7.95.

The new Kevin the carrot toys will be very soon at Aldi

A family of much-loved Plant Friends is also on sale for £15.95 for a set of 5. And miniature Christmas tree decorations of all the characters are available for £2.99 each. A set of Kevin the Carrot with his Christmas Pudding Turtle and mouse friend will also be available for £11.95.