Kayla Harrison on Dillon Danis Slap


If anyone still questions Kayla Harrison’s strength and confidence, the story of her slap in the face of Dillon Danis is likely to allay all doubt.

Kayla Harrison is a newcomer to women’s mixed martial arts. Either way, his run for the PFL has seen him already be a big name with a success story that provides him with a real platform to build on.

Harrison continues to push for another tournament victory to further increase the visibility of his brand. With that in mind, it’s worth looking back at when she faced off against one of mixed martial arts‘ notorious fighters – Dillon Danis.

“Oh my god, are we still talking about this?” It was years ago. It wasn’t that bad. He and Ali were building up their muscles, or something was going on. We got out after one of my fights, Ali had done his thing where he wanted, magically becomes VIP somewhere, whatever. Dillon was there and he was kind of like, was gonna start stuff with guys and I was like ‘you’re not gonna start stuff with my guys’ so I just pulled out his hoodie, put on a little in his face and that’s it. “

Now fans are waiting to see whether or not Dillon Danis will return to a Bellator cage after years of injuries derailed his progress.

Could Kayla Harrison be heading to the UFC?

There is clearly a gravitational pull to Kayla Harrison on the part of many fans from multiple organizations. The big question is whether a race in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is in its future.

Amanda Nunes has been identified as a potential dream match opponent in what could serve as a true ‘passing of the torch’ moment. In equal measure, however, it could also reaffirm the belief of many that Kayla Harrison is not quite up to the level needed to compete with the UFC’s elite. It is a debate that continues to rage.

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