JoJo’s bizarre adventure locks Jojolion’s finale


JoJo’s bizarre adventure is currently in the final throes of the alternate reality tale of JoJolion, a bizarre story that follows an amnesiac who is locked in multiple Stand battles as he attempts to uncover his origin while navigating this different version of the Sleeping Town of Morioh. With the final battle against the villainous Tooru having recently ended in the final chapter, fans were correct in assuming that the conclusion of Part Eight of the popular Hirohiko Araki franchise was imminent and that a release date would have made the social media tour. media.

Although the current storyline ends this summer, fans are wondering if this could be the last entry in JoJo’s bizarre adventure or if the series could continue with a new arc. Hirohiko Araki has been low-key about the continuation of the manga series, although with the popularity of the series continuing to skyrocket, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if news came around around the same time we attended. in the last chapter of Josuke and his family. It will take some time to see JoJolion adapted into its own anime, with a release date yet to be revealed for part six in Ocean of stone, but fans should expect to wait years to see this alternate reality take hold.

Twitter user Manga Mogura shared the alleged end date of the last chapter of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion, which is expected to come to an end in August after the heart-wrenching battle against Tooru which had serious ramifications for the Higashikata clan:

At the recent Anime Expo convention, a panel was dedicated to the upcoming anime adaptation of Ocean of stone, although no new information has been revealed regarding a trailer and / or release date, although a streaming event is slated for next month on August 8 that could reveal much-desired details. Needless to say, Stand fans have a lot to look forward to.

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