Jakks Pacific Unveils Updated Designs for ReDo Skateboard Co. • The Toy Book

The ReDo Skateboard Co. Gets Updated Designs For 2022 | Source: Jakks Pacific/The Book of Toys

Jakks Pacific is moving into retail with an updated product line for its ReDo Skateboard Co. brand.

The range of affordable, complete skateboards in updated designs are aimed at kids ages 8 and up covering a variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert.

“No matter your skill level, ReDo Skateboard Co. has a top-notch line of complete decks for beginners and advanced skateboarders alike,” says Nicholas Masi, Vice President of Marketing, Jakks Pacific, “We’ve updated our graphics with amazing new designs arriving in stores and online this fall.

The ReDo Skateboard Co. line includes five models of skateboards and one stunt scooter.

  • The ReDo Gallery Popsicle Skateboard is ideal for beginner grinders. The thin 7.75″ deck allows for easy flip tricks, thanks to its light weight and small size, while the medium concave provides a stable landing area and learning surface. ReDo-branded Geo Lite trucks are added for nimble cornering and a stable ride, while 53mm, 94a wheels provide top-end acceleration and well-above-average grip. The board is finished with Abec 5 bearings for improved carry speed and acceleration. New models, including Gold Bolt, Black and White Pop Lips, FryDay and Catfight, will hit stores this fall. Plus, a sticker chart comes with stickers for kids to decorate the deck to their liking.
  • The Mini Branson Cruiser is ideal for beginners to advanced skaters. This board is designed for easier maneuvering and steering, offering a wider shape for better edge control, and smooth wheels and bushings for a tighter turn radius. New models coming this fall include Paint Palms and Cali Wood.
  • The ReDo 22.5″ Poly Cruiser is designed with a compact and sturdy polypropylene tray that slips easily into children’s bags. The super soft wheel formula creates a comfortable ride. New Bolt and Fire designs are hitting stores this fall.
  • The ReDo Shorty Cruiser features smooth wheels and bushings for easy maneuvering and steering. This skateboard offers a wider shape for better edge control. New Koi Fish and Tie Dye Palms designs are available this fall.
  • ReDo San Diego longboards feature smooth wheels and bushings for easy maneuvering and steering. The new Aqua Waves and Checkers models are available this fall.
  • The ReDo freestyle scooter features professional wheels and a wide deck for kids to take their scooter skills to the next level. The shape of the handlebars allows for a wider grip and holding position for children when performing tricks and jumps. Handlebar and deck rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The full line of ReDo Skateboard Co. products from Jakks can be seen at redoskateboards.com. The range is available at major retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart.