Insights Family releases ‘Year of STEM’ report for London Toy Fair • The Toy Book

Source: The Insights Family

London Toy Fair is this year with a special addition.

The Insights family has released a special report declaring 2022 “The Year of STEM” as an exclusive for London Toy Fair, the UK’s largest trade show dedicated to games, toys and hobbies. The event was on hiatus last year but is taking place this week.

The report mainly focuses on the growing popularity of STEM toys among parents and children using real-time data by The Insights Family, particularly with growing interest from girls. The popularity of STEM toys has increased by 122% for children aged 3-12 in the UK. This increased demand for STEM-driven games and digital development reflects the transformation of the next generation.

“The speed of change matters, and it’s never been more important for brands to understand the changing attitudes, behaviors and consumption patterns of their audience,” says Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights Family. “While COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in all of our lives, it has also caused significant innovation in the education sector, which undoubtedly presents an exciting opportunity for the toy and entertainment industries. edutainment.”

The Insights Family is the global leader in family market intelligence. It provides real-time, independent data by studying the attitudes, behaviors and spending habits of parents and children in more than 22 countries.