If You’re A Scorpio, This Is The Adult Toy You Should Try

Sometimes known for his dark side, the mysterious and passionate Scorpio brings an irresistible energy to all his interactions. Typically blessed with strong, confident personalities, these spicy scorpios are also incredibly private people and tend to keep their toes around others (via Cosmopolitan). Despite this, below the surface, Scorpios are full of desire, passion, and a lot of power.

It’s widely believed that Scorpios are considered the most sexually charged and dynamic sign (according to Tarot.com), so they can be particular about the adult toys they use. Often super skilled between the sheets, sultry Scorpios might be inclined to opt for a toy that enhances their sexual prowess, rather than overpowering them. After all, they are good enough to “do the work” themselves. For this reason, according to StyleCaster, the best sex toy for Scorpios would be a good old fashioned dildo. Rather than opting for a high-tech toy or wand with lots of features, this sign can harness their innate sexual energy to make even the simplest of adult toys the most effective. As an inclusive option that anyone can use, StyleCaster recommends a toy like the Avant D14 Heart of Gold Dildo.