If You’re A Cancer, This Is The Adult Toy You Should Try

Foreplay is an integral part of intimate Cancer stimulation, which is why Elle recommends a nipple clamp to spice things up. Leaning into the elements can also be excitement for the spiritually connected water sign, and delving into their polar opposite, fire, may be just the ticket to challenging their erotic range. Glamor recommends a hot wax candle to get things going with the water sign, and even shouts out heated vibrators for an additional source of sensory input.

For another dose of the elements, an air booster can also bring out the adventurous side of Cancer. The Womanizer Duo is able to use air pressure to stimulate without touching – and it’s also suitable for earth signs Virgo and Taurus, as air is the opposite of their own element. Vice shouts out to Duo for their suction technique and their ability to sense movement and pressure applied to the toy during play and vibrate accordingly. This feature is perfect for the intuitive Cancer, who wants a toy that understands what they want the moment they give the cue.

Refinery29 keeps the intuitive energy going by recommending another super sensitive toy for crabbing fun. Minna Ola will adjust the intensity of her vibrations depending on how hard she is pressed. Although the toy is currently sold out, the Ola is definitely a name for the crab to remember for the future.