If the most recent Switch rumor is true, the Pro and Lite models could be the perfect punch for Nintendo


the Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors have been circulating recently, as a new and improved version of the successful hybrid home console appears to be in the works. Leaks, inside information and rumors have spread over the past two years, and details have recently escalated until the all-digital event E3 2021. While nothing is confirmed, it’s possible Nintendo will reveal soon finally a new Nintendo Switch Pro, and if that happens it could be huge for fans and for The Big N.

Perhaps the most recent Nintendo Switch Pro bomb rumor is one of the most legitimate to date. If this is true, Nintendo would unveil the new console very soon and the console would be in shows by the end of this fall. Interestingly, the new Switch Pro would also sit next to the less powerful Nintendo Switch Lite. As fans wait for a real reveal from Nintendo, it’s fascinating to speculate on the rumors. The combination of a powerful upgraded Switch Pro and the portable Switch Lite could provide Nintendo with lasting success over the next half decade.

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The most recent Switch Pro rumor

The details of the latest Switch Pro rumor are very intriguing. According to the Bloomberg report, the new console will have a larger OLED display, higher resolution (possibly 4K), be more expensive, and it will be more powerful. The new Switch Pro will also phase out the original 2017 system. During this time, the Switch Lite will remain. Plus, the new Switch Pro has a name that only a select few know.

Of course, this whole report should be classified under rumors and speculation for now, but where there is smoke there is often fire. And recently there was a new Nintendo Switch Pro listing on Amazon Mexico that aligns again with this new round of rumors. Looks like something great from Nintendo might be just around the corner.

Nintendo Switch Lite is here to stay, original Nintendo Switch being phased out

The announcement of a possible brand new Nintendo Switch Pro console may have partially overshadowed two important details in the report; the idea that the original Switch from 2017 would be phased out and the Switch Lite is here to stay. It makes sense that Nintendo will continue to rely on the portable version of the console, as this year Nintendo released a new color iteration of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The two different versions of the Switch (handheld only and standard Hybrid Switch) have performed very well so far. So it seems to continue with the release of the new Nintendo Switch Pro; just with the Switch Pro replacing the original Switch 2017.

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This decision by Nintendo would be both logical and financial. According to Nintendo’s recent financial information, the Switch Lite topped the price of the standard Switch in 2020. The Switch family of consoles have now sold 84.59 million units since 2017. In 2020, the Switch sold 28.8 million. of units, the Lite hanging 14.7 million of that. If the reports are true, it makes sense to keep the Switch Lite on the market. Meanwhile, the original Switch 2017 will be phased out and the new, more powerful Pro model will replace it.

How the Switch Pro and Switch Lite can work perfectly together

Switch lite yellow

Fans have wanted a Switch Pro for a long time. In fact, the Nintendo Switch Pro is in some ways the game’s worst-kept secret. If it finally arrives this fall and the Lite stays, the 1-2 punch of a Switch Pro and a Switch Lite can be perfect for Nintendo and its fans. The idea of ​​phasing out the Switch 2017 model makes sense from a marketing standpoint, as it would be confusing to try and sell three different biases.

The Nintendo Switch Lite may remain an affordable $ 200 option that will look like Nintendo’s old-fashioned handheld consoles. It will still be able to play modern Nintendo games – keeping it up to date – and fans will have the option of using the console as a mobile device or something to buy for younger gamers.

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Meanwhile, the new Nintendo Switch Pro may be a high-end option (maybe $ 350 or $ 400), have a better screen, be more powerful, have a higher resolution, and be closer to the competition with some. new next-generation consoles. (or at least something Xbox Series S style maybe). Plus, more rumored Nintendo Switch Pro details give the console an Ethernet cable, better kickstand, and more.

Nintendo used to thrive on a combination of a handheld and a home console. The Game Boy and Nintendo DS family of devices were homerun systems for The Big N. This has now been simplified for Nintendo and its fans, as all games are developed for a single console brand; the Nintendo Switch. And that’s where this new setup had already been solid.

The hybrid nature – and now the idea of ​​the Switch Lite handheld alone – has allowed gamers to have a Nintendo handheld and a Nintendo home console that play the same games. Based on sheer power, range of games, and more, many would argue that the Nintendo Switch is the best Nintendo handheld console ever. Swapping the original 2017 Switch with a Switch Pro for that 1-2 punch only creates a more value proposition for fans.

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Switch 1-2 Punch would be set up to compete with long-term success

Nintendo Switch Pro PS5 Xbox Series X

While it’s unclear how the new Switch Pro will compete without understanding the details and specs, an updated console that phased out the original 2017 release will automatically extend the lifestyle of the Nintendo Switch as a whole. Rumors point to the idea that the Switch Pro will be more powerful and have better resolution. If the console could even come close to something like the Xbox Series S, that would be an exciting start. The president of Nintendo said that Nintendo was focusing on the ‘fun’ when making a new console, but when creating something like an improved system (DSi, New Nintendo 3DS), the company usually focused on technology.

A more powerful Switch will not only help with better looking Switch games like Breath of the Wild 2 and first-party software, but that would also help with third-party support. There is the idea that the games would be exclusive to the Switch Pro, but that may not be necessary. Just as Microsoft offers a low-end Xbox Series S and a high-end Xbox Series X that play the same games, Nintendo could achieve the same principle with the Switch Lite and Pro.

Currently, the Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle, according to Nintendo. Although sales haven’t slowed down, Nintendo seems to be getting ahead; if we are to believe the rumors. A powerful Switch Pro to accompany an affordable Switch Lite is a great idea. Nintendo often offers games that are beautiful in their artistic style and dynamic in their game design. These games can still be playable and enjoyed on a Nintendo Switch Lite on the go. Meanwhile, those same games could be mind blowing on a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro.

the Nintendo Switch Pro is supposed to be in development.

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