“I subdue” this child forcibly heartbroken Malaysians after losing favorite toy to flood

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The floods have affected all walks of life, not just adults and the elderly, but also children who are also reeling from the effects and consequences of the recent natural disaster.

Recently, a clip surfaced online showing a child talking about losing his toys due to the strong current flowing through their house.

The 30-plus second video was posted on Twitter, showing the state of the house before the child shared their experiences.

The toy robot I just bought was washed away by the flood. After I bought the toy I noticed the package arrived. Around 10 a.m. I woke up and saw that the water was already waist high and looked for my toys, that’s when I realized the water had washed them away very far.

When asked how he felt, the child replied that there was nothing he could do but “menyerah” or come to terms with the difficult situations that had arisen.

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Internet users’ hearts have been broken

Malaysians who saw the clip were heartbroken to see a child lose everything they love at a very young age.

Many of those who commented on the post even offered to give him their toys to make him feel a little better.

Meanwhile, others praised the child for being positive despite losing his toys.

They applaud him for keeping a brave face and moving on, which even adults struggle to do consistently.

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