Hub and spoke models are also evolving


The hub-and-spoke model has become one of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic.

However, like most aspects of the workplace, this model is evolving in ways that many had not anticipated.

Instead of operating with a central hub in big cities and satellite offices in the suburbs, big companies are focusing on reorganizing their existing primary locations and getting employees back to the office.

Plus, rather than renting secondary spaces to act as their spokesperson, businesses are turning to flexible office providers to help them complete their workspace network.

In both scenarios, companies are able to reduce their office space while maintaining a distributed workforce.

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“The department is a work from home,” said Joanne Henderson, research director for Colliers Australia. “We haven’t seen any movement to uproot people outside of the central business district.”

Regardless of their methods, companies are turning en masse to hybrid work models, with research showing adults are more than willing to quit their jobs if they are not offered flexibility.

“A lot of people want to go to an office because they don’t want to work from home,” said Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG. “A lot of people have interruptions at home. Family, dogs, cats – we’ve seen it all during the pandemic. “

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