Hot Toys Moon Knight, Lego Lightyear

Norinori Pikachu from Takara Tomy, Moon Knight from Hot Toys and Clone Wars Yoda from Sideshow Collectibles.

Picture: Takara Tomy, Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles

Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of all things good and plastic on the internet. This week, Lego dives into Light yearand Moon Knight enters the world of merchandising with new figures from Hot Toys and Hasbro. In addition, started, the Lego Clone Wars have, and finally: a talk Pikachu you can crush. Check it out!

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Hot Toys Marvel Loki Classic 1/6 scale figure of Loki

If your toy shelf is missing a certain amount of Glorious Purpose or if you really need a distressingly accurate likeness of Richard E. Grant staring at you in bright yellow and green Spandex, Hot Toys offers you its latest novelties Loki figure. Depicted as the ‘classic’ version of the Marvel character glimpsed in the penultimate episode of Disney+’streaming show, your Tiny Beloved Character Actor action figure comes with alternate hands, including magic effect parts, a small satchel, two interchangeable heads, one smiling, the other neutral, a damaged helmet to reproduce the final moments of Classic Loki, and perhaps the most exciting of all additions: a Scale Hot Toys Alligator Loki. Hot Toys Alligator Loki with Bonus Richard E. Grant is expected to be available mid-2023. [Hot Toys]

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Lego Light year Zyclops Chase, XL-15 Spaceship and Zurg Battle Sets

We’re close enough to Light yearit’s Release June 17 for Lego to reveal a handful of sets that will be released (from April 24) a few months before the Pixar movie hits theaters. The $20, 87 pieces Zyclops Chase The set is primarily aimed at the four-plus crowd with a simplified construction of the Zyclops itself. The $30, 261 pieces Battle of Zurg gives us a better look at Buzz Lightyear’s most feared enemy, Emperor Zurg, but that’s the $50,497 coin XL-15 spacecraft which we will monitor. It comes with three minifigures, including Buzz himself not wearing his signature spacesuit, and the XL-15 giving off 80s Lego Space Series vibes with that yellow cockpit canopy. Benny would be proud.

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Hasbro Marvel Legends and Hot Toys Moon Knight The figures

To celebrate the launch this week of Moon Knight on Disney+, Hasbro and Hot Toys revealed the first glimpses of their plans to take on the titular hero. Hasbro’s Marvel LegendThe 6-inch figure will come with alternate hands to grip an included crescent moon dagger (and sadly, it appears, no Mark Spector/Steven Grant alternate head), while the naturally much more expensive Hot Toys figure includes at least two of the dagger accessories, which appear to be an LED light-up head and an articulated cape No pricing or release details for either have yet been confirmed, but Hasbro’s figure will rise in pre-order April 12. [Marvel]

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Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1/6 scale Yoda figure

Sideshow Collectibles continues to deliver some of the best Sixth Scale games star wars figures based on character appearances in the excellent clone wars animated series. Obi-Wan and Anakin are now joined by Master Yoda himself, standing 5.5 inches tall and dressed in an all-cloth outfit that includes his Jedi robe with a wire-reinforced hem for poseability. Other accessories include six interchangeable hands, four interchangeable feet, a walking stick and Yoda’s lightsaber, and while the The $165 figure is available for pre-order nowdelivery is not expected before December at the earliest or March 2023 at the latest.

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Jazwares Bumblebee Micro Machines Action Playset

At the height of their popularity, Galoob’s original line of Micro Machines had vehicles and playsets based on everything from star wars for star trek. Back in 2020, Hasbro and Jazwares relaunch Micro Machines, and the ever-growing toy car collection now includes vehicles and playsets based on Transformers, another popular Hasbro property. The latest addition is the Micro Machines X Transformers Bumblebee Action Playset which, as the name suggests, transforms from a yellow Camaro into a sprawling garage complex that’s also armed to the teeth with blasters on every level. the $38 playset includes a Micro Machine version of the Decepticon Barricade, but given its size, it does not have an alternate robot mode it can transform into.

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Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Fighter Tank

Despite the end of an excellent 12-year run in 2020, The Clone Wars still gets a lot of love on the toy front. Not only did Sideshow give us a new animated Yoda minifigure, but Lego just unveiled a new $40, 262-piece Republic Fighter Tank based on a vehicle from the series. Although a relatively small set, the tank still comes with six minifigures: the 187th Legion clone commander, two 187th Legion clone troopers, two battle droids and Mace Windu with his lightsaber purple. The set is available for pre-order now on the Lego websitebut will not ship until April 26.

Talking Robot Takara Tomy Norinori Pikachu

Will the world ever run out of love for Pikachu merchandise? We certainly hope not. In addition to video games, plush toys, and trading cards, there’s surprisingly no shortage of animated Pikachu electronic toys. What makes Takara Tomy’s talking robot Norinori Pikachu stand out is a soft, squishy body that reacts when pricked in its stomach with a quick “Pika!” The bot also responds to a handful of Japanese words with 60 different Japanese phrases (apparently it doesn’t just say “Pika” with different inflections), and Pikachu will even sing a song and dance to three different tunes. It is available from the Japan Trend Shop, which will happily ship one overseas for a small fortune: $131.

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