Get off the beaten track in Super Toy Cars Offroad

With the Micro Machines series engaging seppuku with their latest offering Micro Machine World Series, the gap for high-end model car racers has been left wide open. The Super Toy Cars series would be a good shout out, but this racing series aims to cut back on the action while still being a typical arcade racer. And with two payments less, he did a very good job. This next release heads into much more dangerous territory: Super Toy Cars Offroad is available now on Xbox and PC.

Through sand, snow, dirt and more, drive 20 wildly different vehicles on 15 dynamic tracks. Cars range from buggies, ATVs, big trucks and more; this time all designed for top speed on off-road tracks. But there’s still a lot of destruction to do: the biggest cars might not be the fastest, but they can intimidate and break other drivers.

Take feedback from both great little cars and super small cars 2, Super Toy Cars Offroad features the series’ biggest career mode yet. This time around there are over 80 events to take part in – sometimes literally if you hit a puddle of dirt – and a host of new modes too. There are also more obstacles than ever before; you’ll need eyes on your opponents but also on wrecking balls, billiard balls, hammers, spinning tops and more.

Local multiplayer returns for two players but this time there is no online multiplayer.

Super Toy Cars Offroad is available to download now for £16.74 from the Xbox Store. Those who get out of the starting blocks quickly can pick it up for a reduced price of £14.22 for a short time. And of course, we’ll have a review coming very soon. If it’s anything like the others, you’ll have a great time.

Description of the game

Super Toy Cars Offroad takes the series off the beaten path and into mud, sand, snow and more! Find your own way in this fast-paced arcade racing game where you control miniature off-road cars that race through incredible tracks populated with oversized everyday objects. Drive your off-road vehicle where no other toy has gone before! Leave your own trail through the scorching sands of the beach among sunscreen and sand castles, or walk through virgin snow among huge snowboards and ski goggles, or through one of the 15 amazingly detailed trails available in the game. In Super Toy Cars Offroad, you can choose between 20 very different vehicles, ranging from ATVs, buggies, cars and big trucks. Choosing a fast vehicle is important, but difficult too! The competition won’t be easy on you and size matters, so choose wisely and crush your opponents under your steering wheel or let them eat the dust! In no other game will you experience better that feeling of playing with your toy cars as a child during your vacation or a short trip to the playground. Fasten your seat belt and race in this new off-road adventure from Super Toy Cars!