Former toy store gets new life as second-hand furniture store – Reuters

ROCHESTER — A long-empty store in southwest Rochester is taking on new life.

MedCentral Outlet + Transportation

a Rochester company owned by Todd Torgrimson and Todd Robertsonis filling the 45,000 square foot space of the former Toys ‘R’ Us complex at 808 Apache Lane SW with truckloads of used office furniture, fixtures and other items looking for more. ‘a new house.

“We have partnered with some medical facilities and other businesses in southeast Minnesota. Basically, we recycle high-end office furniture, tables, chairs, desks, shelves, and sometimes weird stuff,” said Torgrimson, who is also a Rochester real estate agent as well as co-founder/owner of the

Molly Maids cleaning service.

Here’s how it works: When a medical center, hotel, or whatever renovates or closes a space, that means the furniture has to go to a new home or the junk heap.

“Nobody has anywhere to put all this stuff,” Torgrimson said.

MedCentral will sell the furniture through online sales on its website as well as in monthly sales when the doors open to the public. The first sale is tentatively scheduled for July 16, although the three-person MedCentral team and owners are still working out the details. More information will be available at

MedCentral website


Torgrimson said his new venture will also donate a percentage of the items to a local nonprofit.

He explained that MedCentral is just an evolution of a relationship he helped start with local medical organizations about seven years ago as a way to transport and manage unwanted furniture.

The result is a new use for the cavernous 32-year-old shopping complex. Toys ‘R’ Us closed the Rochester store in June 2018 following the company’s bankruptcy.

MedCentral leases the building. Two Rochester companies,

Perk 18 LLC and E&M Investments bought it in 2019 from a subsidiary of Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc. Local owners paid $3.9 million for it.

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