Five VTech® and LeapFrog® Toys Selected as Estimated Toy of the Year Finalists

CHICAGO, August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today VTech® and LeapFrog® announced that five products are finalists for The Toy Foundation’s Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards. VTech Level Up Gaming Chair and LeapFrog’s 100 Things That Go™ book are both finalists for Baby/Toddler Toy of the Year. Additionally, the VTech DJ Beat Boxer and LeapFrog My Pal Scout Smarty Paws were both nominated for Plush Toy of the Year. In the Preschool Toy of the Year category, LeapFrog’s Clean Sweep Learning Cart is a finalist.

“It’s always an honor to be named Toy of the Year, and we’re thrilled to have five of our toys made finalists this year!” said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America. “These nominations demonstrate our commitment to continually creating toys that parents and children love.”

Winners will be announced at the TOTY Awards Celebration on September 20, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. The TOTY Awards are a key fundraiser for The Toy Foundation to support its year-round philanthropic work to provide the comfort, joy and extraordinary physical, emotional and educational benefits of play to children in need. Visit for more information.

Additional details on the VTech and LeapFrog TOTY finalists are available at and Finalists include:

  • VTech® Level Up Gaming Chair: Serious little gamers (very cute) get their own preschool play station with the Level Up Gaming Chair—without Wi-Fi and without worries. Be like the big gamers with a swivel chair, joystick and pretend headphones. Interactive game tablet teaches letters, numbers, animals and music with game sound effects. Take beginners to the next level of learning with activities that help kids move from letters and phonics to words and meanings on a tablet that turns play time into learning time! The portable tablet easily detaches from the tray, which kids can use for snacks, drawing, or story time. Take a seat, let’s go! ($49.991 ½ to 4 years)
  • VTech® DJ Beat Boxer™: dj beat boxer is a wonderful new musical friend. DJ is a puppet who mixes music, so scratch his head, pout his nose, shake his paw, press his ear or press the buttons on his headphones. Each interaction adds layers to the music so you and DJ can create a new song together! Press the buttons on his headset to start a beat and add backbeats or harmonies. Add more cool sounds like recording scratching sounds scratching his head or touching his nose for an air horn effect. You can even tap the DJ’s ear to record a quick phrase to insert into your song. Her head will nod in time to the music as her jowls flap in time. Give DJ lots of love and she’ll bark, sneeze and more. Cuddle DJ or create a mix that moves you! ($37.99from 3 years)
  • Exceed® 100 things that go: Take a road trip to the land of learning with the 100 things that go interactive book! Hear over 100 words about modes of transportation, from dog sleds and dump trucks to skates and school buses. Six double-sided tactile pages present vocabulary in English and Spanish. Simply toggle the language switch to hear words, phrases, and descriptions in either language. Triple the fun with three play modes so you can learn about the words, sounds and fun facts on every page of this bilingual children’s book. The luminous star plays two learning songs in English and Spanish. The imaginative artwork engages children with illustrations rich in detail. On the road, on the sea, at work and in your neighborhood, this portable book gives toddlers a window into the ways of getting around in the world around them. Storytime is learning time with LeapFrog books. ($19.99From 18 months)
  • Exceed® My Boy Scout Smarty Paws: Cute, cuddly and customizable, My Pal Scout Smarty Paws makes the perfect friend for your little one. Touchable front paws feature sensors that trigger silly reactions, music, games and mindfulness exercises when toddlers hold both paws and stop when they let go to introduce the cause and cause effect. Scout’s paws can help create magical moments for children and caregivers as they hold hands and the toy adds an interactive experience everyone will love. Personalize play and learning through more than 15 activities by programming Scout with the child’s name, favorite food, color and animal. Scout will introduce your child to first words, counting, feelings and emotions. It will even teach your child to spell their own name! His ears and hind legs also have little surprises. Press the ears to play over 40 songs, lullabies and melodies, or to explore games and activities. The button on the right rear paw activates night mode which plays soft lullabies for 5, 10 or 15 minutes to help little ones fall asleep. ($24.99from 6 months)
  • Exceed® Clean Sweep Learning Cart: Clean, skip, wring and sweep with the Clean Sweep Learning Cart! Let the kids clean up the “messes” while they’re still excited to use a broom – your future you will thank you! Your present-day self (and your child) will love how the cute little face on the bucket lights up and sings as the kids pretend to clean up. The interactive cart brings learning into the time of cleaning with imagination. Uh, oh! Muddy paw prints on the ground. Take the green mop to clean it! The soap pump makes fun squirting sounds as you pump the imaginary soap. One two three. Now step on the pedal to see the mop spin! Show the kids that cleanup can be fun and fun with dance breaks. Follow fun instructions like “Hop while you’re mopping! Now dance left and dance right!” ($29.99from 3 years)

About Vtech®

VTech is a global leader in age- and developmentally-appropriate e-learning products for children. As a pioneer in the learning toy category, VTech develops innovative, high-quality educational products that enrich children’s development and make learning fun. With a rich 45-year history, VTech has not only established itself as an authority on learning, but also remains consistently at the forefront of innovation with numerous award-winning products, including the prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY). The company also offers a wide range of award-winning baby, toddler and preschool products available in 28 different languages ​​around the world, with over 100 new products launched each year. To further strengthen VTech’s position as the authority on learning, new products are developed with the critical insights of a dedicated team of in-house learning experts.

VTech Electronics North America, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. VTech Electronics Limited has its registered office at hong kong with worldwide distribution.

For more information about VTech’s e-learning products, visit, on Facebook, or follow @VTechToys on Twitter.

About LeapFrog®

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is the leader in innovative learning toys for children that encourage a child’s curiosity and love for learning throughout their early developmental journey. For over 25 years, LeapFrog has been helping children expand their knowledge and imagination through award-winning products that combine cutting-edge educational expertise led by the LeapFrog Learning Team, innovative technology and engaging play – transforming time. quality time play. that helps kids get ahead. LeapFrog’s revolutionary learning tablets and developmental games, reading and writing learning systems, interactive learning toys and more are designed to create personalized experiences that encourage, excite and boost children’s confidence. LeapFrog is a subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited, based in hong kong. LeapFrog was founded in 1995 by a father who revolutionized technology-based learning solutions to help his child learn to read. Learn more at

About the Toy Foundation

The Toy Foundation (TTF) is a 501(c)3 children’s charity whose mission is to provide philanthropic support and the life-saving proceeds of play to children and families in need across the country and the world. TTF donations represent the charities of TTF and the toy industry. Last year, TTF provided $360,000 in cash grants to nearly 4 million children severely affected by the pandemic. Since its inception in 2003, TTF’s flagship toy bank has provided $225 million in toys to more than 26 million underserved children struggling with serious illness, enduring temporary placements in foster homes, living with domestic violence and/or facing natural disasters. . TTF is also expanding its mission to provide grants to children’s hospitals to encourage healing through play and foster a diverse and inclusive culture and talent pool for the toy industry.

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