Fatal motorcycle crash kills 70-year-old man in Lake Charles


Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – May was “Motorcycle Awareness Month”. Yet on the 27th, 70-year-old Trygve Delafosse was shot and killed while driving.

“Probably at least 100 people [at the scene]”said Billy Doherty, owner of the Harley Davidson dealership.

Doherty owns the dealership at the same intersection where the accident occurred. In fact, he walked out after hearing the crash, fearing it was one of his clients.

“The car seemed to be trying to catch the light, and the bike was in the right place at the wrong time,” Doherty said.

Lake Charles Police arrested the three people in the vehicle that struck Delafosse’s Honda motorcycle. Quindarxius Watley, 18, and Laquetta Watley, 42, face hit-and-run charges, as well as obstruction, which a 16-year-old also faces.

Lake area motorcyclists say Delafosse’s death is a tough pill to swallow, as all bikers are considered family.

“Whoever rides a motorcycle is brotherhood. Whether they’re part of the Harley Owners Group or some other group, ”said rider Kenneth Lester. “We meet on the road. We wave each time with two fingers.

“When you get to a scene like that, it hurts,” Doherty said. “Because maybe that was the person who was at the dealership earlier today that you spoke to. And now you can’t. He’s someone’s father, he’s someone’s grandfather or someone’s husband.

They offer advice on how to prevent future accidents from taking their friends away.

“It’s safer to ride in a group,” said Lester.

“When you approach the car, you anticipate the worst and you are already preparing to avoid the situation,” Doherty said. “Prepare for the slide, not for the ride. This is why you will find that some people wear more protective clothing.

Delafosse’s obituary tells us more about him, he would say: “You roll – you slide. Get up and try again. He knew motorcycles would be his death, and good God so be it. “

Delafosse’s funeral will be on Saturday June 12 at the Throne of Grace in Lake Charles.

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