Everything you need to know to have shiny locks on the big day


In the months leading up to their wedding, many brides decide to grow their hair out or make minor color changes, but the perfect hairstyle on the wedding day requires a nice canvas to start. This is when a good hair care routine kicks in. Think of it as a ‘time for me’ for the bride’s personal care, as well as a gift for you on your birthday. day when you look and feel better.

As we spend so much more time at home these days, there has never been a better opportunity to incorporate in-home personal care rituals that will serve you well before and after marriage.

Eat your way to shiny hair

Resetting your health and detoxifying your body will not only bring bodily benefits but also help restore the shine to your hair. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, eggs, berries, avocados, seafood, nuts, and seeds. While a well-balanced diet is ideal, you can also rely on supplements for an extra boost.

In the same way that you take multivitamins for your skin and body, there are also some great supplements for your hair. Look for substances that are good for your hair, such as biotin, folic acid, vitamins D, A, C, E, H, B12, omega 3, 6, 9 and amino acids like cysteine, methionine and lysine.

Consider spa hair treatments

Hair becomes dull and dry due to excessive pollution, hot climate and insufficient nutrition. It is still vital to nourish and moisturize the strands of hair if you want them to be shiny and silky. Oiling your hair once a week (ideally overnight) with coconut hair oil or sesame oil, for example, is a proven way to achieve thick, shiny hair. A regular hair spa should be scheduled at least twice a month for each bride-to-be.

So, to add extra shine to your hair, treat it to a soothing hair spa treatment.

The key is hydration

It might sound obvious, but dry hair is no one’s friend. There is no better time than now to start drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day for the good of your hair (and your skin!). Try not to replace sugary drinks or diet sodas with water. Step away from the coffee and stick to the water – your hair will thank you!

Chemicals are a no-no

Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals that dry out the hair follicles. Look for hair care products that don’t contain silicones, sulfates, or parabens. Avoid using harsh chemicals, dyes, or bleaches on your hair as they can damage your hair and cause allergic reactions.

If your hair is dry and lifeless, hair oil is a barber’s best hidden secret. Use it as a moisturizing mask, comb through wet hair to enhance shine, or brush through dry hair to avoid flyaways. Find an oil you love and incorporate it into your pre-wedding hair care regimen. Plus, rub it on your scalp before washing your hair for an added benefit – hello, stimulated hair follicles!

Gat a Bridal Hair Stylist – One You Can Trust

A visit to a professional stylist will make it much easier for you if you want to improve your appearance on this day. To avoid last-minute anxiety, schedule a session with a professional in advance.

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