Eco-friendly games: Toy company plants a tree for every game sold in the US and around the world

Earth Day was April 22, and what better time to introduce your socially conscious family and friends to the toy company’s eco-friendly party games, Big Potato. Now you can start your game and feel good about not destroying the Earth!

It’s not easy being green, but here’s how Big Potato is making positive, eco-friendly change through its “Green Tattoos” corporate initiative and make your game night greener with games like these Herd Mentality and Snakesss, packaged in 50% smaller game boxes with plastic-free packaging.

Plus, there are no more shrink-wrapped boxes, game cards, or plastic inserts. Plastic stickers are replaced by cellulose and game cards are held in place by strips of recyclable paper. Game boxes are smaller for more efficient transportation and lower emissions, reducing the company’s carbon footprint.


Big Potato has partnered with Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for every game sold through its online store internationally and, in the United States, for every eco-friendly game sold under A part. A tree. on Amazon.

Projects include planting mangroves in Madagascar (4x better at removing carbon from the atmosphere) and reforestation in Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda. So far, with the help of players around the world, Big Potato has planted 54,037 trees, reducing 294.03 tons of carbon! Big Potato also made 64% of its games, including Snakesss, 100% plastic-free in 2021.

Snakesss, the green game, is available on


Herd Mentality is the fun, family-friendly game with a simple black-and-white mission: don’t stand out! It all starts with a random question (eg Name a hard-to-juggle fruit). Secretly write down an answer that you think everyone will choose (maybe Banana). Determine the most common answer in the group. If you think like the herd and your answer is the majority, win a cow token! If you’re the odd one out, you’re stuck with the pink cow.

If you have the pink cow, you cannot win the game, no matter how many cow tokens you have. Hopefully another player is the odd one out on a later turn to get rid of it! How to win: Be the first to collect 8 cow tokens while avoiding the pink cow—yeehaw! MSRP: $20; Age: 10+; Players: 4+;

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Snakesss is a super simple social deduction trivia game. Score points by answering multiple-choice questions correctly, but watch out for the Snakes that will charm you into choosing the wrong answer!

Are you a snake who has already knows the answer ready for deception? Are you a human who doesn’t know the answer or who to trust? Or are you the mongoose of truth that is definitively not a Serpent but as uncertain as all Humans?

Read the questions aloud, then close your eyes! Only summon the snakes to take a peek at the answer, while the humans and truth mongoose keep their eyes closed and stay in the dark… Once your eyes are open, you have 2 minutes to discuss what the answer might be, but beware of snakes trying to trick you! The time is up and it’s time to guess.

The humans and the truth mongoose get a point for each player who guesses right, while the snakes pocket the points for the wrong answers. How to win: Score the most points after six rounds! MSRP: $20; Age: 12+; Players: 4-8