De’Andre Hunter locks up Brandon Ingram to secure Hawks victory over Pelicans


Brandon Ingram was fortunate enough to land a winning shot for the New Orleans Pelicans against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night. Coming one point behind with just a few seconds left, Ingram tried to drive and find his place, but De’Andre Hunter’s defense forced Ingram to miss the shot, nearly securing the victory for the Hawks.

Hunter and Ingram fought the entire match. Ingram had 20 points and eight rebounds, but Hunter limited Ingram to just 8 of 21 shots. Hunter had the final say in getting Ingram to launch the winning shot attempt and seal the victory for Atlanta.

While Hunter didn’t have the greatest offensive performance with just 13 points and two rebounds, he received a lot of credit and praise for his lockdown defense over Brandon Ingram, especially late in the game.

Ahead of Wednesday’s game, Hunter was already praised for his solid defensive play in the first three games of the season. Even keeping the best players on the opposing team, Hunter got some hugely impressive defensive numbers:

Given his college basketball roots with Tony Bennett at the University of Virginia, UVA fans probably weren’t too surprised to see Hunter excel on the defensive end of the NBA. Although the season is only just beginning, Hunter is already building an early but strong record to form an NBA All-Defensive team this season.

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