Chinchilla practices playing the role of soft toy with his mother. Watch to find out why | Tendency

Ours is a pet-loving culture, and nothing sums it up better than coming home to a loyal companion. But what if you live in a rental and your landlord doesn’t allow pets? Well, you hide your furry friends from them, and this great video shows how. The super cute video posted online shows how a pet mother trains her pet to avoid repercussions if her owner asks for a visit.

Instagram page Phil E. Chinchilla originally posted the video on Instagram. The clip went viral after it was shared by a page called Animals Doing Things. “No one will know,” read the caption posted alongside the video. Inserting on-screen text adds context to the video. “Training in case the owner asks for a visit… We can’t have pets.” The video shows the training session of a chinchilla acting like a stuffed animal with its mother. The cute little pet does it so perfectly, you might do a double take to make sure it’s not a stuffed animal.

Watch the viral video below:

The video was shared a day ago and has since received over a million views. The clip also received several comments. “Anybody gonna know what? All I see are stuffed animals,” read a comment from an Instagram page called Lavengel. “Landlord: Gimme that one,” read another response from an Insta page called Doaply.

“Needs a little more practice, but I believe in him,” one individual posted. “Adorable!” shared another. “His little hands when he takes the lol sign,” a third remarked. “Omg this is so cute,” wrote a fourth.