Chandigarh: Toy store owner stabbed to death by business rival, wife injured

A 39-YEAR-OLD man who ran a toy store was stabbed to death and his wife was injured at their store in Booth Market, Bapu Dham Settlement, Sector 26 on Wednesday.

The victims were identified as Avtar Singh, a resident of Bapu Dham settlement, and his wife Simranjit Kaur. Simranjit is admitted to PGI. The accused was identified as Jai Kishan (29), who also runs a toy store in the market opposite Avtar Singh’s shop. He has not yet been arrested.

Police claimed that Jai Kishan stabbed Avtar Singh following a business dispute as there was fierce competition between the two. “Avtar Singh ran a rented store. Jai Kishan, who also runs a toy store, observed this store. Jai Kishan reportedly incited the owner by claiming that Avtar would eventually take over his shop. In fact, Avtar agreed to vacate the leased store. Today when Avtar and Simranjit went to the store, Jai Kishan started quarreling with Singh. Afterwards, he brought a knife from his store and stabbed Avtar Singh,” said Ravi Kumar, brother-in-law of the victim.

In an effort to save her husband, Simranjit slapped Jai Kishan, prompting him to stab her in the abdomen as well. Avtar died shortly after arriving at the hospital, while his wife was receiving initial treatment with GMSH-16. A few hours later, she was transferred to PGI due to the seriousness of her condition. She was not informed that her husband had died and assumed he was also being treated at IGP.

Sources said that Avtar and Jai Kishan were arguing over renting the same store. Meanwhile, speaking to The Indian Express, Simranjit said they gave in to the store owner‘s demands and left the store, with only some formalities remaining, when Jai Kishan attacked the couple. She maintained that Jai Kishan also threatened to kill her two sons.

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Moreover, she claimed that while he was attacking her husband, Jai’s father, wife and sister watched the whole incident and did nothing. Even after the stabbing, Jai’s sister was reportedly rude to Simranjit and made some threats.

Police said the Jai Kishan escaped from the location after the incident. Kuldeep Singh, brother of victim Avtar Singh, transported the injured couple at GMSH-16 in a private vehicle. “Initial investigation suggests that there has been a dispute. We have registered a case of murder,” said Inspector Maninder Singh, Police Station Sector 26 (SHO) Police Officer.

The victim is also survived by three children. A case of murder has been registered at the police station of Sector 26.