Can’t Miss The Golden Retriever Dog’s Expression After A Human Finds Out He Stole A Toy | Tendency

This video which was shared on Instagram shows the expressions of an adorable Golden Retriever dog after being caught for stealing a toy from the store.

There are several dog and puppy videos on the internet that make for a hilarious and cute watch – sometimes both at the same time. Just like this video that was recently shared on Instagram and went viral of sorts. It shows how a cute Golden Retriever dog reacts after grabbing a toy from the store, unbeknownst to him.

Inserting text into this video makes it easier for viewers to understand what exactly happened before this video was recorded. “When Dad has to go back to the store and pay for the toy, he didn’t notice you grabbed it and took it away,” it read. And the dog’s reaction is definitely too hilarious to watch.

This video was re-shared by the Instagram page named Dogs of Instagram or Great Pet Living. And there is a good chance that this video will make you laugh out loud, just like it made several other Internet users laugh. A good look at this adorable furry baby video will make your day. His caption reads, “The snitches got stitches, daddy, don’t tell.”

Watch the video right here:

The video was posted on Instagram just over three days ago and since then it has garnered several comments from people who couldn’t help but say “aww” to this furry dog ​​over and over again. It has also received over 1.3 million views to date.

One Instagram user wrote, “Sometimes you just have to take what you want.” “Look at this cuteness,” read another comment. A third commenter says, “I’ve been there.”

What do you think of this video ? Don’t you think this dog’s expression is way too funny?