Build-a-Bear introduces new Gremlins plush toy

Build-A-Bear has revealed an adorable new Gizmo plus from the classic movie Gremlins. Mogwai enthusiasts will be delighted to get a glimpse of the latest addition to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Although Gremlins First debuting in 1984, the lovable and slightly terrifying furry protagonists have remained an iconic and beloved part of pop culture since the film’s premiere. The release of the Gizmo plush doll is accompanied by the release of the HBO Max animated prequel series, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, which is available to watch on HBO Max. Fans can now get their own Gizmo or gift one to a movie fanatic.

Build-A-Bear’s plush addition is Gizmo, a lovable and very kind Mogwai that Billy Peltzer owns and takes care of in the original film. The Mogwai are creatures resulting from genetic manipulation by an alien scientist, with the goal of creating a creature that would spread bonhomie and goodwill throughout the galaxy. However, a miscalculation has made most people mischievous or mean, and Gizmo is a rare example of a kind Mogwai. In the film, Gizmo helps Billy defeat the vicious gremlins whenever they get loose, and they form a close, loving bond.


The most famous line from the movie is “But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight.” If Gizmo is fed after midnight, he will lose his longevity and turn into a typical violent gremlin. Gizmo also appeared in the Warner Bros. game. fighting MultiVersus, and also appears in the HBO Max prequel series. The official description of Build-A-Bears from Gizmo says:

Make anyone smile with Gizmo™! This mischievous and fun gremlin has been delighting fans of all ages since the cult classic Gremlins launched in 1984. This Gizmo plush features white and brown fur, big ears and the Gremlins™ movie logo on its cushion. Plus, Gizmo comes with its 5-in-1 sounds included! Just press his paw to hear his cute gremlin sounds. This Gremlins Gizmo plush with sound makes a clever gift for any movie fan. Remember never to feed your gremlin after midnight!

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The Gizmo plus doll from Build-A-Bear has the same large ears and white and brown fur as her on-screen counterpart. He also has the Gremlins movie logo stitched on its paw pad, and comes with 5 unique sounds to delight its owners. It currently retails for $40, is online exclusive to Build-A-Bear, and will only be available for a limited time. And unlike other popular Build-A-Bear plushes, Gizmo can’t be purchased without stuffing or have stuffing adjustments. Build-A-Bear also offers an online exclusive Gremlins t-shirt listed on their site under the “Coming Soon” category, and it features the Stripe gremlin with the “Yum Yum” world.

You can view or order the Gizmo plush doll from Build-A-Bear here.