Bobcat introduces two new models of compact wheel loaders


Two new models of Bobcat compact wheel loaders for agriculture and construction are coming to market, the 55 horsepower L65 and the 68 horsepower L85.

“Compact wheel loaders are an essential machine on many different job sites and are remarkably agile in tight spaces where power doesn’t have to be sacrificed for maneuverability,” said Kelly Humble, senior marketing manager, product planning at Doosan. Bobcat North America.

Heavy loads in difficult spaces

Like other machines offered by Bobcat, the new compact wheel loaders are compatible with multiple implements to perform a wide variety of tasks around the farm. Buckets and pallet forks are popular attachments, but Bobcat offers several other options to expand the utility of these machines. Farmers with other Bobcat equipment will appreciate the Bob-Tach system which allows the sharing of certain equipment within the fleet.

These compact wheel loaders have high lifting capacity and high lift height, specially designed for lifting and transporting tasks in tight spaces. Standard bucket capacities of up to 1 cubic meter allow the operator to move many materials at once. A bucket level indicator is standard equipment on both machines.

High flow hydraulics is an option on the L85.

Standard side mirrors and LED work lights increase operator visibility.

Specifics of the engine and emissions

Both models are powered by a Bobcat 2.4L Tier 4 engine specially designed for easy maintenance. This includes a large fuel filter for better system protection, longer filter life and increased retention capacity. A sump pump and self-priming fuel system provide continuous forced air release and eliminate the need for a primer bulb. These machines are also equipped with a pre-filter to protect the sump pump from debris and particles that would otherwise cause wear and degrade performance.

The engine does not need a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), so there are fewer components to service. Farmers will not have to stop what they are doing because of DPF regeneration.

Operator experience

Bobcat offers customers the choice of a standard awning or an optional pressurized cab. The cabin has been specially designed to have low noise levels. An adjustable, seat-mounted joystick makes the machine easy to use for farmers of all sizes and keeps buttons within easy reach of the operator.

A 5 inch screen allows the operator to monitor machine performance.

Other options

Farmers can choose to order their new compact wheel loader with a rear view camera for increased visibility or a fabric suspension seat and automatic suspension control for added comfort.

Pricing and availability

List price for a base L65 is $ 70,679. The L85 starts at $ 83,812. These machines are built in Dobris, Czech Republic, and began to be available on US dealer lots in mid-October 2021.

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