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Totally nostalgic Toycade co-owners Ronald and Randi Haines cut the ribbon last week. Toycade is located at 102 North Main St., Columbiana. (Photo from Salem News by Danielle Garner)

COLUMBIANA – The co-owners of Totally Nostalgic Toycade have turned the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic into a new start for Christmas shopping in 2021.

Ron and Randi Haines of Boardman encourage locals to come find something special while having a fun and nostalgic experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Totally Nostalgic Toycade located at 102 North Main Street opened on December 19th. The toy store is open every day except Sunday. The hours can be found on their Facebook page with a link to their Etsy store.

When the Hates first started dating, it was obvious that there would be a lifelong connection to nostalgic toys. Ron and Randi have been to Toys R Us on numerous dates.

“We spent hours in Toys R Us and we picked up things and we went”It’s like what we had” and “Oh, I had toys like that,“”

Ron has extensive management experience while Randi holds a Bachelor of Education degree; However, the Hates determined that working in a corporate setting no longer worked with their ambitions.

Ron discussed a conflict between his morals and those of the companies. “I don’t want to be a cog in a greed machine” he said.

Uncertainty has not deterred the Haines from pursuing their dreams with the motto “We only live once.” The Hates appreciate a strong involvement in the community with an emphasis on their contributions with Toys for Tots and readers for animal shelters.

“Every time someone walks in, we talk to them about a lot of different things. “ Randi said. “It’s not a greedy thing.”

The Hates enjoy forming relationships with customers who go beyond the cash register.

“You are not a dollar sign for us. We want to hear your stories. We want to hear the things you connect to ”, Ron said.

Totally Nostalgic Toycade intends to develop into a full size arcade with concessions. “We want to be able to grow and have this arcade”, Ron explained. “I want a place where the kids can go, where people can go.”

Ron wants to get kids off the streets and deter negative behavior. If the kids go out and have a common meeting place, the kids will have a safe place to have fun.

“Our goal is to grow and be able to make this dream come true” Ron commented “Really be something big in the community. “

Ron has noticed how close his friends are “soufflé” with the support of the city. “They really care about the success of small businesses and people,” Randi said. “They really want there to be a community.”

Community support has exceeded Haines’ expectations with the community response that sets Columbiana apart from surrounding areas.

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