Best Little Live Pets Toy

Which Little Live Pets toy is the best?

Little Live Pets are toys that come to life, move, act and sound like real pets. They are so alive and real that children spend magical moments with them. All Little Live Pets are battery operated, so they move and make dozens of cute sounds that little kids find adorable. Little Live Pets come in family groups, all with different colors and names.

If you’re looking for a Little Live Pet that’s the perfect bedtime companion for a toddler, check out the Little Live Pets Charlie the Cozy Dozy Puppy. Charlie is always ready for a nap.

What to know before buying a Little Live Pets toy

Little Live Pets are still part of a larger toy family. Start by looking at the most popular ones.

Families Little Live Pets

  • cute puppies are sturdy plastic toys that walk and play. Children teach them to beg, play with balls and more.
  • Cozy dozy are bedtime friends that make over 20 sounds when you cuddle, pet and scratch their tummy.
  • Wrapples are both a pet and a snap bracelet. Clip them to your wrist and interact with them as they make over 50 sounds and movements.
  • Scruff-a-Luvs are scruffy little pets. Kids can wash, dry, groom and feed them, helping toddlers learn to feed and care for real pets.
  • OMG pets are soft, squishy puppies that make over 15 realistic sounds and movements. These Little Live Pets include a bottle that kids use to feed them.

sound and movement

You can find many pets that make sounds, but small live animals also move. Some snuggle and blink, some sing and talk to you, and some squirm, walk, dance, wag their tails and flap their wings.

What to Look for in a Quality Little Live Pets Toy


Plastic pets are durable but not soft to the touch. Soft pets are squeezable and plush pets are the most cuddly.


Kids have lots of fun when they use accessories to interact with their Little Live Pets. Birds and hamsters come with cages, fish come with tanks to swim in, and mice scurry and run on their own trails.

Practical news

Some Little Live Pets tackle the issue of potty training with humor. A Little Live Pets toy comes with its own toilet. The children give her turtle food which she “digests” and poops in the bowl. Kids scoop the poo out of the bowl and it becomes food again.

How much you can expect to spend on a Little Live Pets toy

The size of the Little Live Pet, the materials it is made of and the accessories included determine its cost. The simplest little plastic toys start at $10, and the biggest and lavishest cost up to $60.

Little Live Pets Toy FAQs

How big are the Little Live Pets?

A. The larger ones are about 12 inches and the smaller ones fit in the palm of a child’s hand. Be sure to check the size as online reviews often include comments from parents that their Little Live Pet is smaller than they thought.

At what age do children like to play with Little Live Pets?

A. The sweet spot is rather narrow. Small parts are always a choking hazard, so don’t give Little Live Pets to kids who still like to put weird things in their mouths. It wasn’t until a few years later that kids began to think Little Live Pets were just for babies, not big kids like them.

What is the best Little Live Pets toy to buy?

Best Little Live Pets Toy

Little Live Pets Charlie the Dozy Cozy Puppy

What do you want to know: Your ideal bedtime companion Charlie is a stuffed animal that’s always ready for a nap.

What you will love: Charlie is super soft, cuddly and playful. Start by taking it out of the basket in which it was delivered. Wrap him in his blanket, give him his pacifier and he closes his eyes and falls asleep. Tickle his tummy and he giggles, hug him and he makes sleep sounds, and more. This Little Live Pet is not washable and can only be cleaned with a soft brush or wiped down with a soft cloth. Cozy Dozys are also available in Cubbles the Bear and Kip the Koala versions.

What you should consider: The pacifier must be inserted correctly to work.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Little Live Pets toy for the money

Little Live Pets Lil Bird Princess Polly Birdhouse

Little Live Pets Lil’ Bird & Bird House Princess Polly

What do you want to know: Pretty pink princess Polly fits in the palm of your hand.

What you will love: The little birds are the cutest birds you know. The more you pet them, the more they sing. Press Polly’s button and record your message. Press it again and this little bird repeats it to you. Place Polly’s birdcage on its stand or hang it from a tree. Collect more small birds and more houses and connect them to create your own flock.

What you should consider: This is not a soft and cuddly toy.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Little Live Pets Must Go Turdle

Little Live Pets Must Go Turdle

What do you want to know: Shelbert is an interactive toilet-trained turtle who loves to chat, sing, dance, and sit on his own toilet to poop.

What you will love: Feed Shelbert his food and watch his neck wiggle as he gobbles it all up. You’ll know he has to go when you hear Shelbert sing his catchy song. Pick up poop from the toilet and it magically turns into turtle food, the ultimate in recycling. Like many other Live Little Pets, you can record a message and Shelbert will reply to you.

What you should consider: Adults may think this toy is gross, but little kids think it’s hilarious.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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