Beloved child’s fox toy, Bubble, STOLEN by thief in Oxfordshire

A beloved toy fox belonging to a child was stolen by a thief in a violent car break-in, while on a camping trip in the county.

Bubble the fox, Wild Hendry’s favorite toy, 10, was taken when Wild’s grandmother’s car was broken into while parked at Rollright Stones near Chipping Norton.

Wild was on a camping trip with his grandmother when they decided to stop by the stones on Saturday.

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Bubble the fox has disappeared

When they returned to the vehicle, they discovered that someone had “smashed” all the windows and stolen a bag that contained camping gear, children’s pajamas and, worst of all, Bubble.

Bubble has been owned by Wild since she was two years old and is an integral part of the family.

Wild’s mother, Firgas Esack, told this newspaper that Bubble was her son’s “comfort blanket” and “the fox is always in his pocket.”

Oxford Mail: Wild and Bubble, four years old Wild and Bubble, four years old

“Wild has been through a lot over the past few years, just like Bubble,” she explained.

The family have taken to social media to try and find Bubble as they believe the thief who broke into the car may have thrown the bag away as the items inside will be worthless.

Wild’s mum explained: ‘We’re asking people to check their bins and hedges because there’s no resale value for this criminal. But, in terms of sentimental value [Bubble] Its very important.”

In a social media post, they wrote: Please help me find my fox. I am ten years old, have had it since I was two, it was stolen from my grandmother’s car at the Rollright Stones near Chipping Norton on the Saturday afternoon of August 6th.

“Crime ref n° – 2022/08/06/1252.

“Please call 07801567215.”

Since they put out a call to find Bubble, the family has been greeted with an outpouring of kindness from strangers.

“People have been so lovely. A female driving instructor said she would drive and look for Bubble,’ Miss Esack added.

Along with the appeal, the family were keen to raise awareness of the thefts in the area, as several people reached out to them on social media to say their cars had also been broken into.

Oxford Mail: Wild with Bubble in his pocketWild with Bubble in his pocket

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: ‘At approximately 2.45pm on Saturday (6/8) we received reports of a theft from a vehicle on Rollright Road, Chipping Norton.

“We are currently investigating, if anyone has any information or images of the area please contact the force by reporting on our website – How to tell us about an existing case or report | Thames Valley Police – or by calling 101, quoting inquiry reference number 43220350000.”

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