All Stars had ‘so much drama’ with the cast

Trishelle Cannatella is one of 22 contestants for The Challenge: All Stars spin-off. Photo credit: Paramount Plus

When the spinoff season of The Challenge: All Stars arrives, viewers should expect to see more of what makes the reality TV series great. Not only will there be stiff physical competition, but also a lot of hookups and drama.

According to actor Trishelle Cannatella, fans of The Challenge can expect even more drama than they see in the regular season.

She recently spoke about OG’s upcoming spinoff show, which will feature 22 contestants battling for $ 500,000 in Argentina.

Trishelle comments on the All Stars training, her comrades

Trishelle, who debuted in the first season of MTV The Real World: Las Vegas, was a guest on a recent podcast episode of Reality with Kate Casey. During their conversation, the 41-year-old reality TV star mentioned that when her friend Mark Long contacted her about All Stars, she thought the spin-off was a great idea since the actors were all older and about their age.

However, she said she didn’t expect it to be as difficult as she was. Trishelle mentioned that she asked Mark if she needed to train before All Stars, and he told her she would be fine since she was a runner.

“I haven’t practiced at all. It’s just not my style. I just wanted to go there, have a drink by the pool, hang out. I didn’t mean to sweat, ”she joked.

Trishelle said upon arriving there that she realized that virtually everyone has practiced before. Then she saw who was going to be the All Stars host.

“When I saw TJ [Lavin], I was shaking, ”admitted Trishelle, realizing that the spin-off would have difficult events.

“He said to me, ‘Don’t get me wrong, this is a real challenge,’ and I wanted to cry,” revealed Trishelle.

While she might have been scared of that aspect, she said she was thrilled to be around some of the iconic characters. actors of The Challenge. This included Teck Holmes, whom she said she was most excited to see. She also mentioned that Aneesa Ferreira had made her laugh the loudest and that she was very surprised at her connection with Nehemiah Clark.

She revealed that she made other good relationships based on time spent with Latterian Wallace and Jisela Delgado.

“She is a force. Just at the level of personality. She’s sexy. She is cool. She doesn’t give up. She is awesome. She’s really impressive, ”Trishelle said of Jisela.

Trishelle revealed that All Stars has a lot of drama

During her podcast interview, Trishelle was also asked what makes All Stars better than the regular seasons of The Challenge. She admitted that she stopped watching the seasons after a while because of all the new people they were bringing in, saying she found them “uninteresting”.

Many fans of The Challenge enjoy the intense argument and drama that erupt in the house and the game. Trishelle said viewers are going to see a lot with All Stars.

“I thought there would be no drama. I was like, ‘Everyone is an adult.’ Many people are married and parents. No, there is so much drama, ”Trishelle revealed.

“I thought I was going to be cool, and I fight with people,” she shared of the All-Stars fallout season.

Trishelle brought some experience to the show, having been involved in four seasons of The Challenge. However, her last competition was Rivals II which aired in 2013. She admitted that she felt like it had been a while since she had returned for the spin-off, but the mental toughness of the game returned for. she.

“The last challenge I did was 10 years ago. I forgot how stressful it is and how paranoid you can get, ”she admitted of All Stars.

Although she did not go into details, Trishelle also said that she was warned in advance of her castmate Beth Stolarczyk and that she “does not disappoint.”

From Trishelle’s comments and those of other competitors, this is not just a special Challenge reunion with older competitors, but a full-fledged season made up of tough battles, connections and of dramas. It looks like fans won’t be disappointed.

The Challenge: All Stars will premiere Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

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