Adorable stray cat gets served food on toy car, Reddit goes aww

If there’s one category of videos the Internet never tires of, it’s cat videos. There are so many adorable felines that win hearts with their antics. It’s no surprise to see our furry friends garner millions of views on social media. Not only pets, but even stray cats overload our diet with cuteness. Recently, a blogger came up with an ingenious way to feed a stray cat – using a remote control car! The video of the adorable stray cat and the blogger’s genius trick to feeding her from a distance has gone viral on Reddit. Looked:

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The video was shared on the Reddit subreddit r/aww and received almost 100,000 upvotes in a short time. “This guy is delivering food to stray animals with a little remote control car,” the caption read.

In the clip, we could see a small remote-controlled toy car equipped with a small plate on top. The camera on the car let us in on all the action. The car was driven remotely so as not to scare the cat or cause it anxiety. The blogger stopped the car next to the pillar where the cat was hiding. Then the stray understood that the food was for her and enjoyed it without any guilt or fear!

What a great idea, isn’t it? Reddit users also loved the idea of ​​serving adorable stray cats through the use of a remote control car. Many of them reacted with witty puns and one-liners.

Take a look at the top reactions on Reddit:

This isn’t the only time cats have wowed the internet. We have seen how cats are not only foodies, but can also be chefs! A chef cat recently went viral after putting a hilarious spin on cooking hacks. Funny videos have become trendy online.

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