A Chinese couple who run a toy store in KL have a Surau for Muslims to pray

As Malaysia is a melting pot of all kinds of religions and races, it is always nice to hear stories of how some people have tried to help and embrace others.

In a similar case, a Chinese couple built a hearth in their shop to make it easier for mall visitors and their employees to pray!

The couple who run a store selling toys and baby items located at Pandan Kapital, Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur provided a surau for men and women with a place to perform ablution to facilitate customers and people visiting the mall to perform prayers.

Lee Chee Win and Yong Siew Ching told mStar that the surau was built 13 years ago to help make it more convenient for their employees to fulfill their prayers without having to go far.

After capturing the attention of Malaysians, they then opened it for public use.

Lee, who has run the business there since 2000, said: “Of course I’m glad the surau we’ve built can be used by more people and I’m grateful to be able to help muslims to pray when the time comes.”


He explained that before it was a elderberryit was originally a place to display goods for sale, but they decided to turn it into a two-room apartment for shelter the elderberry for men and women.

It can accommodate 2-3 people at a time and Lee said he also built a place to perform ablutions as well as a shower curtain to protect aura women.

“3 years ago, I also changed the floor from carpet to tile to make it easier to maintain. I also provide prayer materials such as prayer rugs, cloths and telekung for visitors,” he added.

Meanwhile, Yong said what they did is based on respect and intention to make it easier for Muslims to perform their prayers.


Adopt a Malaysian child

Behind the surau story, Yong said she always made it a point to learn more about Islam as she has an adopted Malaysian child known as Nik Aliza Abdullah who is now 37 years old.

Yong said she took Terengganu’s wife as child adopted 20 years ago because she lived alone in Kuala Lumpur.

“Nik Aliza used to work with me when she came to Kuala Lumpur. She is very nice and I felt sorry when I saw her living alone in this big city.

“Since then I have taken her in as an adopted child and cared for her until she was now married with 3 children,” she added.


As Nik Aliza was present in their family life, she taught them a lot about Islam and they even fast whenever the month of Ramadan comes.

Indeed, the 3 children of Nik Aliza are also taken care of by her and she has never considered her grandchildren as strangers.

“I love them like my own grandchildren and they are very close to our family. All 3 are fluent in Mandarin and Hakka.

“I never saw religion or racial differences as an issue. love and respect for other human beings is much more important,” she says.


Kudos to Lee and Yong for embracing and even trying to accommodate people of different races and religions. Surely this is the 1 Malaysia spirit that we should all aspire to.

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