911 Toy Drive Gives Hope Impacts Hospitalized Children Year-Round

Every year since 2008, we’ve set up shop at the Walmart on the east side of Evansville the weekend after Thanksgiving for the annual 911 Toy Drive Gives Hope for the Holidays with the goal of helping you fill a trailer with 53 feet full of toys. for the children who spend the holidays in the hospitals of the region. Thanks to your incredible, but not surprising, generosity, the trailer is still full of board games, coloring books, crayons, action figures, dolls and other toys after the 60 hour drive is over this Sunday night. Over the next week, 911 Gives Hope members and other volunteers sort all of these toys by age and gender before delivering them to the facilities a few weeks later, where they will be distributed to the children in their care for a long period of time. in these facilities. Once again, thanks to your immense generosity, each establishment receives so many toys that they are able to offer them to the children well beyond the holiday season. Typically, once we put the toys down, we rarely see the impact they have on the kids they’re designed for. However, a recent email from Ronald McDonald House confirms that your donations are doing exactly what they are intended for.

How your 911 toy donation gives hope is impacting children in Evansville area hospitals

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

Instead of paraphrasing the email that 911 Gives Hope Board Member Nate Jazyk received from a Ronald McDonald House staff member and forwarded to me, I want to share it with you in their words. because it’s so well written, I’m afraid paraphrasing it, or interpreting it my way, won’t have the same impact.


If you remember, we met the day your incredible group delivered the amazing toys, other gifts and a very generous check to our charity.

I was very new to my job and to the charity at the time. You all moved me to tears that day at both places where we accepted delivery.

Even as I write this email — I just opened the “Closet Award” for 4-year-old MJ after successfully completing a feeding clinic session, even while eating popcorn 🍿 !

Her mother told me that the Prize Closet is definitely a motivator for MJ and as soon as she’s finished her sessions she can’t wait to go to the Prize Closet. Just like MJ’s mom, I see the prize closet as a motivational and positive reinforcement tool!

In fact, I started writing this email to tell you about another guest at our Washington House, Jameson. Jameson is also 4 years old and attends the feeding clinic for his therapies. Last week he was doing really well, eating hot dog bits and applesauce. The big problem was that he was taking his medication orally for the first time, instead of going through his feeding port. He was so proud and his mother too. He had several additional trips to the price closet.

Since families stay and return many times through their child’s therapies, Jameson and MJ have become friends. On one of Jameson’s trips to the prize closet, he picked out a necklace for MJ instead of something for him ♥️. It was such a beautiful sight to see him bring the necklace to her.

Know that every day these toys have an impact on our families who stay with us! I am so grateful for 911 Gives Hope!

We see your generosity in our homes every day.

Thank you ♥️ Thank you ♥️ Thank you!

Is it dusty in here, or is it just me?

It’s easy to wonder if the things we do, like just donating a toy, really have a real impact on people in our community. This letter proves overwhelmingly that this is the case.

I imagine there are countless other stories like this happening every day in hospitals and clinics here in the tri-state because of your willingness to stop by our 911 toy drive every year give hope for the holidays and donate. On behalf of 911 Gives Hope and our group of radio stations, I say, “Thank you!” Stories like these don’t happen if you don’t donate this weekend. We hope to see you again (or for the first time if you’ve never donated before) on December 2, 3 and 4, 2022, when the 14th Annual 911 Gives Hope Holiday Toy Drive kicks off at Walmart. East Coast.

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